Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Ramsarup Industries had recently commenced production of LRPC strands and wires at their new plant at Durgapur.Ramsarup Industries Ltd., a leading manufacturer of steel wires in India, has received the prestigious Homotogation Certificate from Spain for LRPC (Low relaxation pre-stressed concrete) strands and wires. The Homotogation Certificate, mandatory for marketing strands and wires to the European Union, opens up a huge international opportunity for the Company. The certification will also help Ramsarup, the only manufacturer of LRPC single wire in India, in marketing LRPC strands and wires in domestic markets as it will boost the confidence of Indian project companies too.The Homologation Certificate reflects undeterred commitment towards attaining global quality standards. It further strengthens the ability to emerge as a preferred global supplier of LRPC strands and wires thereby expanding our potential markets manifold, .LRPC wires are used in construction of pre-stressed concrete girders for roads, river and railway bridges, flyovers, pre-stressed atomic reactor domes, slabs, silos, hangers, aqueducts, high-rise buildings and railway sleepers. Globally, LRPC wires are used for construction activities as they ensure minimisation of the structure size, reduced loss of relaxation at higher temperature, lower material consumption, lighter and yet superior quality of output as compared to normal-relaxation PC wires.

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